Adventures for everyone

Here , you will find information and resources to help you design a unique journey , touring the cities , small towns and of course , the overwhelming nature of Patagonia in the Aysen region , through its various activities and experiences.

Eat & Drink

If there is something that reflects the culture and identity of a territory and reveals a people , it is their food. Aysen surprise you with its feasts and gastronomy, offering different trips and unhurried , where landscapes perfect pass into the background, to highlight the flavors , textures and colors of the Patagonian food.

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Activities & Adventures

The nature of Aysén is unique and sublime. There are forests , steppes , fjords , glaciers, mountains , valleys, lakes and rivers. Everything is huge and beautiful! It is a playground of tremendous proportions , where there are opportunities to practice all sports and make endless expeditions and excursions.

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Rest & Relax

In Aysén the concept of luxury is completely different , it has nothing to do with the places 5, 6 or 7 stars ... Here the stars are thousands and have to do with local experiences and unique moments that gives the Patagonia. Well, in all corners of the region , you find lodges , hotels, ecocamps and spas with infrastructure and first class services , equipped to offer a healthier way of life , with opportunities to connect with nature and therefore yourself .

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Art & Culture

If you are interested in the arts such as music , painting , literature and theater, be prepared! Aysen have risen to fame national bands like The Departed Correa o Vasquez, but they have also chosen to stay in musicians Region high level as the Duo Trapananda , pair of Chocos , Alonso Nuñez , Nicasio Moon and Richard Sepulveda, among others . We are the cradle of great artists such as Renato Tillería watercolorist , renowned artist brush Robinson Mora , and the artist Sigismund Sade , who enchants visitors with its grandiose pyrography . Patagonia is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for literature and summer always find special events and customs , besides fairs where you can find local handicrafts festivals.

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Learn & Help

The nature of Aysén with a large majority of its regional surface ( 83.3 % ) dispersed on public lands , including large pristine tracts within the National Parks and Reserves and Patagonian Ice Fields . There is a presence of indigenous settlements and along the territory where it is evident that this part of the world was used as a temporary shelter for nomadic cultures remains.

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