Summer in Patagonia is synonymous with Asado al Palo

Summer in Patagonia is synonymous with Asado al Palo
Palena - Queulat Area

It is almost unthinkable to travel through Patagonia without tasting the delicious traditional way of barbecuing lamb, called asado al palo. Here, we share the secrets of its preparation and its importance in the Aysén culture.

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    Activity Type: Preparation of a lamb asado al palo, typical gastronomy of the area.

    Start: At a nearby farm where you can obtain a lamb.

    End: Celebrating with great food, accordions, guitars, and dance.

    Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

    Seasonality: Mainly in the summer; however, other types of asados can be prepared in other seasons (Beef, Fish, etc.).

    Considerations: The most important thing is to make sure that the meat does not burn or dry out.

    Reservations: Normally, you need to reserve services in advance.

    Services: The list of gauchos and gauchas that offer preparations of lamb asado in the Aysén Region is extensive.  Here are some of the best:

    • Camping Maitenal - Lago Verde: Pioneros s/n; (067) 2573180;
    • Fogón La Esperanza - La Junta: El Silencio Farm. You will find the entrance to this farm 25 km north Puyuhuapi, on the left side of the Carretera Austral, and must enter the narrow gravel entrance and cross over the bridge, so as to approach this great Quincho, called a Fogón. There is only cell signal in a few places in their farm, so to coordinate your visit, send a text message to Señora Maglene’ cell phone (09) 98321365 or visit her daughter Marioli in the Casa Mayorga Grocery Store in Puyuhuapi.
    • Quincho Aquelarre - Puerto Aysén: Sector Pangal Valley s/n; Km 8, Pasarela Sector (09) 94798741;
    • Quincho La Pancha -  Puerto Aysén: Río De Los Palos Sector; Road to Laguna Los Palos s/n; Km 7; (09) 98878572;
    • Estancia Punta Del Monte – Coyhaique Alto: Coyhaique Offices, Bilbao 398; (067) 2231601;
    • Quincho Don Santiago – Lago Frio: 23 km south of Coyhaique, in the El Fraile and Frio Lake Sector; (09) 87869820; (067) 2524929;
    • Baqueanos de la Patagonia - Carretera Austral Ruta 7, Cerro Castillo s/n; (09) 87352346 - 78988550;
    • Tourism San Lorenzo - Cochrane: The San Lorenzo Ranch is located 1.5 hours from Cochrane, at the base of Cerro San Lorenzo. Coordinate your reservation with Don Luis before arriving, by HF radio frequencies 3.789 and 4.580; (067) 2522326; (09) 95619963 - 75618719; 
    • Refugio y Camping Río Ñadis - Cochrane: Sector Ñadis River, Carratera Austral, at the  bridge over the Barrancoso River, detour (9 km) to the refuge, HF radio frequencies 3.789 and 4.580; (09) 81851625;
    • Entre Patagones - Villa O’Higgins: Carretera Austral; Casa 1, North Access; (067) 2431810; (09) 66215046;

Don Cristian Solis, son of pioneer Don Eduardo Solis, born and raised in the town of Lago Verde, shares his perspective of the traditions relating to Asado al palo: “When our grandfathers and great-grandfathers came to settle Patagonia, they quickly discovered that working these lands, amongst the mountainous terrain and harsh climate, required a lot of help.  The easiest and fastest way to tackle the hard work of settling a farm in Aysén, was to join hands with our family and neighbors, and work as a team.  Today, it’s a tradition in the Region; for the big jobs, like branding, shearing, and ear-tagging, we all join in, moving from farm to farm, working together, to get the work done.  And on each farm, when we finish our work, we celebrate with a typical Patagonian barbecue, which we call an asado al palo.   So, what’s on the menu?  I thought you’d never ask!  Spit roasted lambs, tortas fritas with fresh pebre, two or three different kinds of salads, boiled potatoes, and of course, red wine!  During early spring in Patagonia, in the latter days of September, the first lambs are born. As soon as they reach a weight of 11 Km, everyone in Patagonia begins to long for an opportunity to enjoy a delicious Patagonian asado al palo.   During the summer months, the demand for lambs rises 300%, especially in December and January, when families come together to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s.  A traditional, Patagonian-style asado al palo, is the essential feast!”

Here are just some of don Cristian’s secrets for preparing a typical Patagonian asado al palo of roasted lamb for 13 - 15 people. So, grab your best gaucho boina che, all hands on deck!

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