Trekking in the northern zone of Los Glaciares National Park

Argentinian Area

Put Los Glaciares National Park at the top of your Bucket List and start making plans! Awarded UNESCO?s World Heritage Site designation in 1981, this Park is home to incredible peaks like Fitz Roy and Torres, enormous glaciers, and the aquamarine waters of Viedma Lake.

Los Glaciares (The Glaciers) National Park was created in 1937 and awarded UNESCO’s “World Heritage Site” designation in 1981.  This incredible Park is home to the Perito Moreno Glacier, the Upsala Glacier, Roca, Lake, Mount Fitz Roy, the Viedma Glacier, Laguna/Lago del Desierto, the community of El Chaltén, and much more.  
The Park is named for the Southern Patagonia Ice Fields which are the largest outside of Antarctica and Greenland.  The fields feed 47 large glaciers; of which 13 flow toward the Atlantic Ocean and Argentina, and the rest, 34, toward Chile.  The Park is divided in two main sectors, each associated with one of two lakes.  The northern zone of the Park consists of Viedma Lake and Glacier, a few smaller glaciers and a number of important peaks, such as Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, which are world renowned sites for climbers and hikers.  Comprehensive information, including trail conditions, fishing and mountaineering permits, camping area availability, etc, are available at the Park’s Visitor Information Center in the sector of  Viedma Lake, just outside the entrance to El Chaltén.  
The trekking season extends from October through April, depending on weather and snow cover.  Even in the peak periods, you are likely to encounter snow in higher altitudes; we recommend checking on trail conditions with the rangers before starting each hike.  
El Chaltén is home to a large number of professional guides; experts in the terrain of the northern end of Los Glaciares National Park.  Experiencing the Park with one of these guides is a great option. They are trained in first aid and mountain safety and can share insights about the terrain and natural history of the Park that will enhance your experience.  Look for guides who are certified by the Argentine Association of Mountain Guides (AAGM).  Check our Service Directory or the Tourism Information Office in El Chaltén for details.

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