In Puyuhuapi, Coffee?s best friend is Küchen

In Puyuhuapi, Coffee?s best friend is Küchen
Palena - Queulat Area

Here?s a delicious (and foolproof) recipe for sweets fans that will bring back great memories of your trip through Patagonia. And for those who aren?t big fans of the kitchen, there?s always the option of going to enjoy küchen at one of the small cafes in Puyuhuapi.

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    Activity Type: Gastronomy. Preparation of a Puyuhuapi style küchen.

    Start: Your kitchen.

    End: With the perfect dessert for a great meal.

    Duration: In an hour and a half the küchen should be cooling down in the window sill.

    Seasonality: Year Round.

    Special Considerations: Although the recipe is easy you need some specific implements, like a cake pan with a detachable base and a food processor, so that the küchen comes out perfect and is as easy as possible.

    Reservations: Not needed.

    Services: If you want to try Adriana’s küchen for yourself, visit Los Mañíos del Queulat cafe, located in the bypass for Puyuhuapi, cellular: (09) 76649866, Facebook: losmanios.delqueula, web site:

Eating well is not something that settlers sacrificed when they came to Patagonia. On the contrary, within a few years the pioneers of the Region of Aysén were reinventing their typical recipes with the incorporation of local flavors. In Puyuhuapi they celebrate this fusion of gastronomic traditions once a year, usually in February, when the Folkloric Festival, Entre Curanto y Kuchen, is held, celebrating the fusion of cuisines that occurred in the area through the blending of German and Chilote culture.

But there is no need to synchronize your trip with the festival. If you want to try a delicious küchen in the area you can visit Señora Adriana Baier year round, in her café, Los Mañíos del Queulat. A couple of years ago, Adriana and her husband decided to follow their dream and convert their home into a quaint cafe with capacity for 12 persons. Here Adriana is putting her pastry arts studies in practice preparing delicacies typical of the area, in addition to excellent coffees and espressos. The place is open year round and is also a restaurant, so it is the ideal place to stop for lunch or dinner.

Adriana’s recipe for küchen is very much influenced by the local history. Patagonian pastry in inspired by German traditions, and recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation by the settlers who arrived to populate the area. Of course, they’ve been adapted to include fruits that can be found in Patagonian, like apples, rhubarb, cherries and even nalca, creating unique combinations and new traditions.

So, roll up your sleeves and try your luck with Adriana’s secrets for great küchen!

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